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Due to the current Covid-19 Outbreak,  Following Government Advise we are unfortunately unable to provide any event medical cover.  Please keeep checking back with us, as we hope to back providing Event Medical Cover soon

Whether you are organising a small village fete or a national event, here ate Acorn Medical Services we will supply all medical staff for your needs. Our teams are all trained to the highest standard

Our teams of medics deal with real life emergencies and incidents daily which gives them first hand experience in all aspects of first aid. With this along with our commitment to patient care, here at Acorn Medical Services we will ensure visitors to your event receive the best possible treatment and aim to minimise your events’ impact on local emergency services. 

Our staff have a wide range of experience and knowledge covering private events, for example:

Equestrian Events Medical Cover

Various Motorsports Event Medical Cover

Charity Event Cover


Food and Music Festivals

TV, Film and production

And much more…

To Find out more about what medical you would require, please take a look at this.  Here at Acorn Medical Services,  we are able to help you through this process and are happy to advise on all your medical matters for your event.

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